Apr 05


WinLess is a Windows GUI for LESS.js. WinLess is a must-have for the webdeveloper who uses Windows and use less.js to generate CSS


Mar 30

Use Amazon API .NET from powershell

That’s a very cool way to use the amazon api from windows. It’s more native than python, etc and is very complete.

Add-Type -Path “C:\Program Files (x86)\AWS SDK for .NET\bin\AWSSDK.dll”

$secretKeyID=”[secret-key-id]” $secretAccessKeyID=”[secret-access-key-id]”


What’s the difference between amazon S3 & amazon cloudfront ?

Use Fiddler with curl & other command line tools

Fiddler automatically set the proxy for wininet application but not for some winhttp applications. To force it open an admin command line and run :

On Vista or above:

netsh winhttp set proxy


Mar 22

Advices on finding a hot job

Maximize your personal brand.

Evaluating a programmer’s skill is hard. You need to make it easy for the startup to see that you’re a superstar. So make a website and list your side projects there. Link to your Twitter and GitHub accounts. Write some blog posts that showcase your technical ability. You need to develop a personal brand, and you need to do so long before you ever send in a resume. If you don’t already have a personal website or blog, make one now. Frankly, developing your personal brand is something you should be doing on a regular basis anyway.


Translation website

A website that helps with translation. It seems that it has an api for easier integration. The translation are priced by word count.


Writing a CV in latex

Tons of tips and template for writing a CV in latex


Non programming tasks for startups

Non programming tasks for startups

How a programmer read a CV

How a programmer read a CV

Paypal autosweep : automatically fetch your money from paypal everyday

Jon Pospischilabout 10 months ago Actually paypal has a semi-hidden feature called auto-sweep. This should save you some time, and allow you to focus on more valuable (and fun) things!:

Log in to your paypal account and navigate to ‘contact us’. This will give you a code you need to call paypal merchant support.

When you get them on the line, ask them to enable ‘auto-sweep’ on your account. This will add a setting to your profile.

Once they do this, you must go back to your paypal account (you may have to log out and then back in), and then turn auto sweep on (again, the setting is in your profile).

They make it difficult and hidden enough that nearly no one uses this, but I just enabled it for our company a few weeks back so I am certain it works!

Best, Jon